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ACG and SAP Discuss Partnership and Middle-Market Technology Solutions

ACG CEO Tom Bohn spoke with top executives from SAP North America about how the company's software helps private equity firms meet their goals in the middle market.

Market Memes Could Troll Private Investors

The GameStop-Reddit fiasco shined a light on the market volatility that can erupt in public markets when investors are driven by emotional impulse—but should private investors worry?

Employee Retention Credit: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility, Paycheck Protection Program effects and more

Recruiting in a Virtual World

Virtual recruiting is a powerful, safe and economical means to find candidates, making it an essential competency for post-pandemic businesses.

ACG Virtual Summit Examines Latest Trends Shaping the Middle Market

Deal-makers discussed the new normal, increased competition and transaction pitfalls at ACG's Virtual Summit.

Antitrust Regulation Could Lead to Uptick in Tech Carve-outs

Lawmakers are expected to take a stronger stance on antitrust practices from big tech companies. Could that spell opportunity for acquirers?

Drones, Zoom and Glassdoor Fuel ‘New Diligence’

For many deal-makers, the lockdowns last spring brought business to a standstill until something remarkable happened: They found new ways to meet with clients and close deals.

Innovation Leads the Way

BKD CPAs & Advisors employs seasoned-veterans in the private equity market who are constantly looking for ways to address the unmet needs of their clients.

The Power of Group Purchasing

Jordan Zapotechne, chief revenue officer of the Enterprise Purchasing Group, discusses how group purchasing organizations can maintain company profitability—even during the pandemic.