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    Fattmerchant is developing software that uses artificial intelligence to highlight sales trends and suggest areas where business owners dig deeper.
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On the podcast, Dug Song spoke about the origins of Duo, the decision to sell to Cisco, and how Duo helped draw venture capital investors to Michigan.

On the podcast, Kevin Depew, RSM's deputy chief economist, discussed RSM's Q3 Middle Market Business Index and how to prepare for a protracted trade war.

On the podcast, McCabe weighs in on the cyber threats posed by state-supported actors, how tariffs could spur malign cyber activity, and more.

Kevin Owens, a partner in Wipfli's private equity services group, corresponded with MMG about some of the surprising ways tech is changing company audits.

Industry Trends

While geopolitical risks take their toll on economic growth, homebuilding remains a bright spot.

Attendees at ACG's EuroGrowth conference learned that an economic slowdown in the United States and China is more likely to occur than a recession, and more.

An increasing number of organizations are adopting software for revenue cycle management to address problems in coding bills, processing claims and auditing reimbursement.

Middle-market companies could once depend on their smaller size or lack of connectivity to avoid cyberattacks, but an increasing reliance on technology is making them a target for hackers.

Public Policy

Five agencies adopted a rule simplifying Volcker Rule compliance, and Congress gears up for a series of hearings on the finance industry.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping seemed to indicate Friday that talks between the two countries have entered a new phase.

After coming under scrutiny by President Donald Trump, Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, announced he would cut ties with a Beijing PE firm.

The White House launched a website for opportunity zones and the HFSC published its October agenda.