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Executive Suite-Jeremy Silverman

Private equity deals have seen the increasing use of reps and warranties insurance.

Don’t Rely on TSA to Prevent Device Theft

TSA checkpoints can lead to a false sense of security, even for savvy travelers. That’s because most people don’t consider the risk of device theft at these spots.

U.S. Middle Market Set to Exit UK, According to Poll

New data from the National Center for the Middle Market suggests more than one-quarter of U.S. middle-market companies will decrease business investments in the U.K.

4 Steps You Don’t Want to Skip in the Due Diligence Process

As a private equity firm looking to acquire an organization, part of the process would be to scrutinize its human resources infrastructure – discover its vulnerabilities and liabilities.

Brexit presents risks, opportunities for middle market

Britain's vote to exit the EU means concerns about sovereignty, the perceived overreach of EU bureaucrats and immigration triumphed over the near-term risks an exit poses to the U.K.'s economic outlook.

Brexit Vote Stokes Middle-Market Concern

The possibility of Brexit is causing significant concern for business leaders, and middle market companies appear to be particularly vulnerable.

Bill to Modernize PE Compliance Gets Strong Bipartisan Vote

A bipartisan bill to modernize longstanding reporting requirements for private equity firms was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday.

Mapping Law In Uncharted Territory

This article attempts to address why cyber issues are relevant to general counsel and allows for some reasonable assessments about how to manage risk.

Recent SEC Settlement with Midsize PE Firm Raises Broker-Dealer Issues

The SEC announced a settlement with Maryland-based private equity adviser Blackstreet Capital Management and its owner regarding charges including alleged broker-dealer activity.