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‘The Great Resignation’ and the Top 5 Employee-related Risks That Most Worry Midsize Companies

QBE North America’s Lucas Prahl examines the biggest employee-related challenges companies face this year

Three Ways the Great Resignation is Shaking up the Economy

The Great Resignation is shaking up the economy in some surprising ways, including in cybersecurity, labor unions and the C-suite. Here are three trends to watch in the coming year.

The Great Resignation in the Middle Market

To combat the Great Resignation in the middle market, companies are introducing wellness programs, higher wages and new hiring tools.

HR Entices Acquirers with Diverse, Fragmented Market

As operators turn to HR solutions to address pressing talent shortages and shifting employee demands, dealmakers say there is plenty of runway to consolidate, diversify platform offerings and build value

Delivering Dividends: Investing in Accounting Firms

Koltin Consulting Group dives into the M&A opportunity of accounting firms

The Shifting Priorities of PE Hiring

Despite challenging market conditions, recruiters see continued demand for operating partners, human capital executives and other specialized roles at middle-market private equity firms

Understanding Proposed Changes to Noncompete Agreements

Businesses will need to adapt their practices as federal and state bodies look to curb the use of noncompetes

Dissecting Go-to-Market Strategy

Bain & Company Expert Partner Kunal Mehta on fine-tuning go-to-market expertise

Trialing the Four-Day Workweek

MiddleGround Capital joins companies across the globe that are experimenting with a shorter workweek