Family Office

Pritzker Private Capital’s Paul Carbone on the Benefits of Flexible Capital

Paul Carbone, managing partner at family investment firm Pritzker Private Capital, reflects on the past year and the long-term role of family capital.

How Technology Supports People in Family Offices

Many employees of family offices are grossly overwhelmed with tasks, but technology has advanced to the point where it can relieve some of the strain.

How Dashboard Technology Can Help Family Offices Maximize Their Data

More family offices recognize the value in platforms that display and interpret data in ways employees, family members and advisors can make strategic business decisions.
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Family Offices and Virtual Work: Choosing the Right Technology

RSM US LLP discusses how family offices are using technology to enable remote work in a global pandemic and the risks they must consider.

Family Office Dynamics: People Over Process

On the podcast, Da Vinci Global Consulting's Michael Beduze and AchieveNext's Tom Stewart delve into the issues impacting a family office's success.