Young Professional Award Winners

As part of the first MMG Awards, we've selected 10 emerging leaders and highlighted their contributions to the middle-market community and beyond.

MMG Job Creator Award Finalist: Virtus

Insurance brokerage Virtus was able to recognize more than 100% revenue growth and expanded its staff from 49 to 65 across its five offices—even in the midst of the pandemic.

MMG Job Creator Award Finalist: SavATree

Tree, shrub and lawn care company SaveATree was able to retain and attract new talent last year by creating jobs for general tree care workers and tree climbers.

MMG Job Creator Award Winner: Prairie Industries

The pandemic was a period of opportunity for Prairie Industries, which not only retained workers but grew its workforce and acquired a major firm overseas.

MMG Job Creator Award Finalist: ClearView Healthcare Partners

In a year of historic job losses, health care consultancy ClearView Healthcare Partners increased its workforce by 26%, from 230 to 290 employees.