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ACG PERT: Giving a Platform & Voice for CFOs & CCOs to Address Today’s Regulatory Environment

Joshua Cherry-Seto, CFO of Blue Wolf Capital, details the importance of ACG's Private Equity Regulatory Task Force.
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PE Regulatory Compliance in a Trump Administration

The 90-minute recording discusses best practices in cybersecurity, pay-to-play regulations and other developments, such as SEC enforcement actions, and what new regulations to expect in light the new Trump administration.

Midmarket Laments Loss of TPP

When the Trans-Pacific Partnership died, it brought down with it many potential opportunities for middle-market companies. That shouldn’t stop midsize business from pursuing new markets for their goods and services, however.

ACG Chapters Are Rich Source for Middle Market Growth

ACG chapter executives are my stealth reporters, uncovering the most interesting stories about growth companies and trends, and recognizing them through events, growth awards and related programming.

Beyond Stashing Your Cash

A smart CEO will realize that the company’s bank is more than a place to deposit income and a bill paying service—it is a vital partner for growth.