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Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

An SEC rule change might allow companies to communicate with some investors before they go public, and Congress seeks exemptions for small M&A brokers.

Defy Ventures: ‘A Life-Changing Door’ for the Currently and Formerly Incarcerated

ACG Boston's John Dvor speaks with Andrew Glazier, CEO of Defy Ventures, a nonprofit that provides entrepreneurial training to formerly incarcerated adults.

Economic Slowdown Could Be a Boon for Buyers

Attractive assets are scarce and expensive for investors looking to buy, but an imminent economic slowdown might present an opportunity.

How Today’s Health Care Leaders Can Prepare for a Successful Merger, Acquisition or Partnership

As new technologies and changing consumer expectations transform health care, many organizations are looking for new ways to navigate the disruption.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The SEC issues a proposal to expand the amount of shares investor companies can hold, and the president and Congress work to prevent another shutdown.