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Fed Cuts Rate but Cracks Begin to Show

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates for a second time after its September meeting, but more committee members are opposing policy decisions.

Distract or Enhance: How Tech Is Disrupting Portfolio Audit Teams

Kevin Owens, a partner in Wipfli's private equity services group, corresponded with MMG about some of the surprising ways tech is changing company audits.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The SEC is preparing for a flurry of activity, with hearings, meetings and rule changes set to take place in coming days.

Insurance for the Digital Age

There are many reasons investors would want to avoid insurance, but a wave of technological innovations is causing some to reconsider, writes PitchBook Founder and CEO John Gabbert.

StreetShares Helps Veteran-Run Businesses Build Momentum

Using cutting-edge technology to assess loan applicants, StreetShares helps military veterans secure the funding they need to start their businesses.