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Anti-SPAC Bill Surfaces in Hearing | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

A draft bill would remove protections for SPACs, the Fed warns of leveraged loan risk, and lawmakers barter over an infrastructure spending bill.

Members on the Move

New hires and promotions in the middle market, and a private equity veteran starts her own advisory firm.

Patents as an Alternative Asset Class: A Financial Sponsor Perspective

Financial sponsors seeking investment diversification strategies can maximize returns by investing in high-quality patent portfolios.

How Middle-Market Companies Can Prepare for Natural Disasters on the Heels of COVID-19

As mid-sized businesses transition to the new normal, they must continue to be vigilant and prepare for natural disasters.

Fed Governor Allays Inflation Fears | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

A high-ranking member of the Fed quelled inflation fears, the House will hold a SPAC hearing, and the SEC's next Government-Business Forum will focus on small and emerging funds.