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Esports Investment Opportunities: Get in the Game

As the popularity of esports grows by leaps and bounds, investors are being presented with a host of opportunities.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The FTC calls for scrutiny on private equity roll-ups in health care, the SBA releases data on PPP loan recipients, and other events in Washington around the Independence Day break.

Why So Many Deals Fail, and What to Do About It

On the podcast, author Denise Logan describes the biggest threat to a successful close and why deal-makers' ever-growing contact lists are part of the problem.

Energy Lights the Way for M&A

The July edition of MMG explores trends in energy, including the outlook for solar energy businesses, M&A in the oil and gas sector, and more.

Business Resiliency Through Scenario Planning

Today's uncertainties call for scenario planning, which provides insight to ensure business strategy, structure and capabilities remain resilient.