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Golub’s Van Dussen Discusses the State of Middle-Market Dealmaking at InterGrowth 2017

Van Dussen discusses sovereign wealth funds, syndication and other factors shaping middle-market deals.

A Qualified Opinion // Milly Chow

Toronto-based attorney Milly Chow discusses the environment for restructuring transactions.

Inside the Energy Tech Revolution (VIDEO)

Privcap joined with a panel of experts to discuss the current state of energy technology, its impact on human capital, and what the future holds for energy companies and technological innovation.
Under Pressure

Under Pressure: Investors May Have to Dig for Distressed Deals

A stronger economy adds up to fewer troubled companies. To find them, investors are homing in on specific drivers of distress and industries undergoing rapid change.

Could J.B. Pritzker Apply His Longterm Investment Strategy to Illinois’ Woes?

The billionaire scion of the Pritzker family of Illinois announced his bid for Illinois governor.