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Meet ACG’s New Chair and Board Members

The newest board members discuss their vision and goals for ACG and the board.

Operational Excellence Series Pt. 1: Closing Cybersecurity Gaps

In Part 1 of this series, RSM’s manager of governance risk strategy discusses the intersection of M&A and cybersecurity.

Where People Fit into a Company’s Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation takes more than technology. Without buy-in from employees and the right partners, middle-market firms’ digitization journeys are likely to hit some major roadblocks.

The Most Valuable Lesson from 2021: Employees Want a Positive Work Experience

Globalization Partners considers what makes a positive work experience, the obstacles to achieving it, and how it can be used to attract talent.

Powering Talent Acquisition and Retention with Technology

A case study in using technology to mitigate human resources challenges that come with rapid growth.

SEC Moves to Expand Scope of Private Equity Data-Gathering with Form PF

The SEC's Form PF amendment proposals raise questions over the impact on PE reporting processes – and risk mitigation in the broader financial system.

Chain Reaction: How Midsize Businesses Are Responding to Supply Chain Disruption

The middle market has had to get creative in its supply chain strategy, wielding strategic sourcing, collaboration and technology investment to overcome disruptions.

Middle Market Executive | Winter 2022

Discover insights from human capital, marketing and e-commerce experts as they explore common challenges including supply chain disruptions and digital transformation.

Mid-Market Optimism Breaks Through Ongoing Volatility

JPMorgan Chase research reveals middle-market businesses are particularly optimistic for the year despite ongoing volatility.

SMEs Hold Vast Power in the Race to Sustainability

Small and medium-sized businesses hold big power in the race towards sustainability, but the right financing partner is key.