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Frazier Takes the Pulse of the Health Care Market

Despite high barriers to entry and the need for extensive due diligence, health care remains an attractive industry for private capital investors.

Family Firm Fit: Evaluating Cultural Synergy

When considering a sale, it’s important for family businesses to remember that due diligence is a two-way street when it comes to culture fit.

Frank McGrew of McNally Capital on New Opportunity Zone Clarifications

The Treasury Department has clarified key aspects of investing in OZs, including tax filing and timing, although some areas remain undefined.

CalPERS Strives for Sustainability with New Direct Platform

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System announced plans to invest in operating companies through its new CalPERS Direct platform.

Co-CEOs: Are Two Heads Better Than One?

While still rare, a dual leader model can benefit organizations that are looking for ways to maximize capacity at the top.