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Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The Fed advanced a proposed rule to modify the Volcker Rule. Meanwhile, the U.S. enacted tariffs on the EU, Canada and Mexico and announced plans for tariffs on China.

New Index Ranks Countries by Complexity of Financial Compliance

A new report compares countries in terms of the difficulty dealing with various local regulations, from taxes and accounting practices to reporting requirements.

Is It Sustainable for PE Firms to Consider Sustainability?

PitchBook's founder and CEO weighs in on sustainability as a strategy and how to balance doing good with turning a profit.

Human Capital Changes the Equation

PE firms are increasing their focus on the people behind the portfolio, using a range of strategies to find the right leaders for their companies.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

President Trump signs the bipartisan banking bill, the Fed weighs Volcker Rule changes, and riders in the House appropriations bill look unlikely.