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Executive Spotlight: Matthew Mead

Meet Matthew Mead, CEO of Hempitecture. He's been building houses out of hemp for years. Now new state paint a bright future for his company.

Looking for Safe Bets in the Cannabis Industry

Advice for investors looking to set up for success before and after the expected eventual legalization of marijuana in the US.

Mapping Out the EdTech Landscape

In part three of the education series, Next Target explores emerging opportunities for Private Equity in EdTech.

Executive Spotlight: Joana Jebsen

Meet Joana Jebsen, president of O'Donnell Learn; a higher education learning design company that's navigating the evolution of the industry.

What is Private Equity’s Role in Higher Education?

Private equity has had a fraught history in higher ed, but tech-enabled learning creates new investment opportunities.

The Case for Investing in Early Childhood Education

A look at the recovery of the childcare market post-pandemic.

Preparing for the Boomer Time Bomb with Home Health Care

Growth projections reveal fertile ground for investing in home health services and devices.

Executive Spotlight: John Bisack

Meet John Bisack, founder, president, and managing director of Performance Improvement Partners, a technology consulting firm.