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Streamlining M&A With a Carve-Out Consortium

Business carve-outs have grown increasingly complex. In this GrowthTV episode, learn about a group of service providers teaming up to offer efficiencies in the process.

The Knowledge Economy: 3 Subsectors That Should Be On Your Radar

Justin Loeb, a director at Clearsight lays out three niche areas within the Knowledge Economy that are poised for growth.

Protecting Employee Privacy in the Age of Vaccine Mandates

A look at the legal and reputational risks that fuel the need to protect sensitive health information in the age of COVID.

A Guide to Finance Consolidation Solutions

Jarrett Bialek of SimpleFi Solutions maps out the best reporting and consolidation options available to finance leaders.

Rethinking Customer Experience

The onset of the COVID pandemic has kicked the age of customer experience into overdrive. David Kramer, COO at Company.com proposes that delighting customers should be high on every company’s priority list.

Human Capital Lessons: A Year in Review

ACG CEO Tom Bohn chats with Insperity CEO Paul Sarvadi about the human capital lessons we can take from 2021 into 2022 and beyond.

Navigating Physician Practice M&A

Three experts from DHG Healthcare give an overview of the ever-complex healthcare field, and what owners look for in a deal.

Evolving Considerations Around Technology M&A

M&A attorney Karen Hermann shares how she sees tech deals evolving and best practices for prospective sellers to attract the ideal buyer.

Shipping Insights and Advice For the Middle Market

Jordan Zapotechne with the Enterprise Purchasing Group offers three ways operators can mitigate the impact of price hikes and uncertainty in shipping.

Assessing Value & Risk in Healthcare Transactions

In this episode, Beth Mullins and Wayne Little, Principal and Partner at DHG Healthcare respectively, describe important considerations in the ever more complex world of healthcare transactions.