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Shipping Insights and Advice For the Middle Market

Jordan Zapotechne with the Enterprise Purchasing Group offers three ways operators can mitigate the impact of price hikes and uncertainty in shipping.

Assessing Value & Risk in Healthcare Transactions

In this episode, Beth Mullins and Wayne Little, Principal and Partner at DHG Healthcare respectively, describe important considerations in the ever more complex world of healthcare transactions.

Panel Discussion: Betting on Residential and Commercial Services

Moderator Nevin Raj, COO and co-founder of Grata, is joined by Brian Rassel, a partner at Huron Capital, and Brent Kulman, head of business development at Five Points Capital to discuss activity in the residential and commercial services sector, as well as which opportunities remain moving forward.

Beyond COVID: Business Incentives to Drive Growth

As business leaders’ mindsets pivot from a state of survival to recovery and growth, hear about the incentives landscape that lays ahead to help businesses put COVID in the rearview.

The Maturity Curve for Tech-Driven Deal Sourcing

Evidence shows that firms that adopt technology solutions see the payoff in IRR and deal volume. In this episode, hear about the trends and best practices of supercharging deal sourcing with technology.

M&A Considerations Related to COVID Relief Programs

COVID relief programs injected billions of dollars into American businesses. Here's how dealmakers can manage the implications of these programs.

Mitigating the Impact of Capital Gains Tax Increases

DHG tax experts Heather Alley and Joshua Elliott discuss proposed changes to capital gains tax rates and how they could impact middle-market business owners.

Trends in Sustainable Investment Practices

A discussion about the key findings from Pitchbook's latest Sustainable Investing Survey.

Worker Safety Considerations for the Middle Market

This GrowthTV episode breaks down what a robust worker safety and recovery program looks like in today’s environment.

How Technology Is Transforming PE Deal Sourcing

Fraazier Miller, COO of SourceScrub, shares how he sees PE firms upgrading their deal sourcing.