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As Pet Ownership Evolves, New Pockets of Opportunity Emerge

MySimplePetLab joins GrowthTV to discuss the M&A opportunity in the pet market

Were you one of the roughly 23 million households in the U.S. that acquired a pet during the pandemic? If so, you may recognize a changing landscape of pet ownership: a new generation of pet parents aren’t happy merely taking their animal to the vet once a year.

Rather, pet owners demand holistic offerings of food, treats, products and care that support the health and wellness of their pets. As pet ownership surges, however, veterinarians are overwhelmed. Jen Hagness, CEO and President of MySimplePetLab, joins GrowthTV to share how her company identified this pocket of opportunity to connect more demanding pet parents with at-home testing kits, the results of which are automatically sent to vets.

It’s a product she says supports pet owners’ need for more convenient ways to ensure the health of their animals, while enabling veterinarians to spend time developing treatment plans with patients, not taking samples.

This GrowthTV episode is part of our Next Target series in partnership with Grata.

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