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How to Become a More Resilient Business

Insperity joins GrowthTV to discuss improving the speed and effectiveness of your firm’s crisis response

In a time of proliferating natural disasters, an unprecedented pandemic and other unexpected challenges, is it possible for businesses to emerge from a crisis stronger than before? Insperity’s Amanda Benbow, certified business performance advisor, and Donna Hare, senior business performance consultant, join GrowthTV to share strategies for improving the speed and effectiveness of your firm’s crisis response and gaining greater business resiliency.

This episode is brought to you by Insperity. As ACG Headquarters’ endorsed HR solution for the middle market, Insperity’s goal is to help organizations find a way to make their people strategy benefit their business strategy. We know that people can be the greatest value – and risk – to the success of an M&A transaction. Insperity helps prepare organizations for the process and sees them through it.

A trusted advisor to America’s best businesses since 1986, Insperity provides human resource services and technology designed to help companies minimize risk and maximize profitability. Along with insight from its Business Performance Advisors, Insperity provides the most comprehensive suite of HR products and services available in the marketplace.

With 2022 revenue of $5.9 billion and more than 90 locations across the U.S., Insperity makes a difference in thousands of businesses and communities nationwide. For more information, visit insperity.com/acg or email capitalgrowth@insperity.com

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