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Cell Therapy: A New M&A Frontier

Cellares co-founder and CEO Fabian Gerlinghaus shares his unique approach to developing successful cell therapies

Cell and gene therapy technologies are ascendent, boosted by new developments in treatments for diseases like ovarian cancer and Parkinson’s disease, and by predictions of a meteoric rise in total market value in the next five years.

Fabian Gerlinghaus, the co-founder and CEO of Cellares, a company that has developed a so-called “factory-in-a-box” for cell and gene therapy manufacturing, joins the podcast to share Cellares’ unique approach to developing successful cell therapies, the regulatory landscape and why investors should be watching this sector.

Gerlinghaus was featured in our June edition of Next Target, in partnership with Grata. Read the full article here.

Listen to the full podcast above, and watch a clip of the conversation below:



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