Editor’s Note

Year in Review: Editor’s Picks from 2019

Middle Market Growth Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Mulligan shares her picks for the year's best MMG magazine story and podcast episode.

Unpacking Supply Chain Disruption

It can be hard to make an impact in the transportation industry, but middle-market companies are showing they, too, can challenge the status quo—and grow while doing it.

Show Me the Money, Faster

The consumer applications for financial technology get the lion’s share of attention, but behind the scenes, fintech is changing the way many industries do business.

Workplace Diversity Is No Longer Optional

When organizations embrace diversity and inclusion, they gain a broader perspective on how to serve customers and mitigate risk.

Private Equity Finds Its Niche

The latest edition of MMG examines how investors are approaching niche subsectors and changing the broader health care industry.