Darin Brock of TorQuest Partners on Opportunities in Canada

Darin Brock describes the M&A environment in Canada, attractive investment areas for TorQuest, and several of the PE firm's recent investments.

Jennifer Fondrevay on the Human Side of M&A

Fondrevay outlines common mistakes made during M&A transactions and steps to address human capital considerations earlier in the process.
Dr. Ronit Molko

Dr. Ronit Molko on Investing in the Autism Services Industry

Dr. Molko discusses the fast-growing, fragmented autism services industry, and the challenges and opportunities for private equity investors.

Jim Mintz of Mintz Group on #MeToo Considerations for Companies

The founder of Mintz Group weighs in on how to vet prospective employees and board members for a history of sexual misconduct.

Michael McAdoo of BCG on Global Trade Issues

A deep dive into tariffs and NAFTA, and steps midsize companies can take to mitigate global trade risks.