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Representations and Warranties: A Win for Founders and Sponsors

A partner at Trivest Partners, one of the first private equity firms to use R&W insurance, traces the growing use of these policies in the middle market.

Once-Cheap Loans Could Become Expensive Burden as Rate Hike Looms

Cheap credit helped fuel economic growth after the global financial crisis, but with interest rates set to rise in December, future growth is uncertain.

Technology Experts Discuss the Transformative Power of AI and Fintech

Insight from Shelby Austin, managing partner of Omnia AI at Deloitte Canada, and Christine Ing, co-lead of McCarthy Tetrault's technology practice.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The IRS proposed a change to last year's tax reform legislation that would limit deductions businesses can make on interest expenses.

Educating Lawmakers About Private Capital Is Top Priority in New Congress

ACG New York’s Middle Market Week ends with a discussion of the U.S. midterm elections and their impact on legislative and regulatory activity.