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Rule Change Heightens Short-Term Lease Appeal

New FASB regulations are hitting balance sheets this year, making the short-term lease offerings of companies like Knotel more attractive.

Breaking Down the Blockchain Opportunity

Experts at ACG Raleigh Durham’s Capital Conference offered insight into the transformative technology and its potential for disruption across industries.

Get to Know Pat Morris, President & CEO of ACG Global

ACG’s president and CEO talks about his past experience leading up to joining ACG Global in December, and what’s in store for the association.

Investor Dollars Move Into Co-Working Space

Flexible workspaces date back to the previous century, but the investment fervor around them is a modern phenomenon.

Leadership and Back-Office Excellence Propel Startups to Growth

For young companies that want to grow, putting the right staff in place and professionalizing the back office are essential first steps.