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Andrew Appel of IRI on the Power of Data

The CEO of data and analytics provider IRI talks about the strategies CPG companies and retailers use to connect with consumers, and how IRI has built a culture of innovation.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The NLRB's definition of joint-employer changes again, modifications to Dodd-Frank appear imminent, and the business community reacts to Gary Cohn's departure.

The Deal Is Done. Time to Start Negotiating

Immediately following an acquisition is the best time for new owners to negotiate with suppliers in order to maximize the return on investment.

Managing the Overlap of Human and Financial Capital

Accounting for human capital when structuring a personal portfolio requires understanding how it overlaps with the investable assets accumulated through personal savings.

Peek Inside the March/April Edition of Middle Market Growth

The forthcoming issue looks at the disruption underway in the real estate industry, from flexible office-space leases to the new face of U.S. shopping malls.