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Challenging Market Brings Seller Opportunities

A look at how creative deal structuring can help with deals even in the toughest environments

Challenging Market Brings Seller Opportunities

Middle-market deal volume was down in the first half of 2023 by 23%, with GF Data reporting on 135 completed deals compared to 175 completed transactions in the first half of 2022.

We have covered the causes of the slowdown extensively in our reports—including cost of capital and an uncertain economic environment—but in this article I’ll explain how creative deal structuring can help win deals even in the toughest environments.

In the past, we have looked at deal terms for clues when we are unsure of how the market is going to proceed.

This section of the report originally appeared in the special edition Middle Market Growth 2024 Multiples Report. Read the full story in the archive.

For example, when deal flow spiked after the pandemic, the deal terms told us that 38% of companies with below-average financials garnered some sort of seller earnouts or financing in the deal. Meanwhile, just 39% of above-average companies received seller earnouts or financing. (GF Data classifies reporting companies with greater than 10% trailing 12-month (TTM) revenue growth and at least a 10% TTM EBITDA margin as “above-average financial performers.”)

Fast-forward to the first half of 2023, which witnessed a banking crisis and successive interest rate increases, and the script has flipped. We’re now seeing seller earnouts or financing in 42% of deals involving companies with below-average financials. The percentage of deals involving above-average businesses that received seller earnouts or financing also rose significantly, to 47%.

The challenging market environment clearly is driving more use of seller earnouts and financing, but it also appears to have fostered an environment that favors rollover equity as a bridge to getting deals done. In the first half of 2023, we saw more instances and higher amounts of seller rollover equity (12% of deals in the first half of 2023 compared to 9% over the last five years). While these deals require a greater financial commitment for the seller, they can often turn out to be lucrative for them—especially when the deal involves an above-average financial performer.

Source: GF Data

When we look at the total value of a deal along with the typical return on investment at exit, a 15%-20% offering of seller rollover equity can lead to incredible value for the seller. The two charts detail examples of return on rollover equity upon exit at both a high and low end.
At the high end, I assume a 10x exit multiple, with EBITDA growing year over year at 12%, a seven-year holding period and an EBITDA margin of 20% at exit. With these assumptions, the seller’s rollover equity upon exit has grown by 68%, with a multiple on invested capital (MOIC) of 4.42x and a 23.65% internal rate of return.

At market rate, I assume a 7x exit multiple (approximately the current average multiple for all industries tracked by GF Data), with EBITDA growing year over year at 10%, a five-year holding period and an EBITDA margin of 15% at exit. With these assumptions, the seller’s rollover equity upon exit has still grown by 10%, with an MOIC of 1.69x and an 11.11% IRR.

While these deal structures ramp up in the transactions that are being completed in a difficult buyer’s market, they have allowed TEV/Adjusted EBITDA multiples to remain relatively stable while not completely bringing deal flow to a halt.


Austin Madronic is the research manager of GF Data, an ACG company. GF Data collects and reports on platform and add-on acquisitions completed by private equity funds and other deal sponsors in the $10 million to $500 million enterprise value range. For information on subscribing, or on contributing data as a private equity participant, contact us at info@gfdata.com.


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GF Data and FORVIS Team Up For Roundtable Discussion Series

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A second roundtable is planned for New York City in the summer. While attendance is by invitation only, please email Bob Dunn, GF Data’s managing director, at bdunn@acg.org for more information if you are interested in participating.

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