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Middle-Market Solutions for Shipping

Jordan Zapotechne of Enterprise Purchasing Group and Sean Doherty of Maersk discuss the global shipping market and options for midsize companies.

Kathryn Mulligan

These episodes are brought to you by Enterprise Purchasing Group, a free group purchasing organization that leverages more than $60 billion in annual purchasing volume to provide members with competitive, scalable contracts and solutions for reducing operating costs and creating more profitable businesses.

Much of the global supply chain discussion in news headlines has focused on how the disruption impacts consumers and large organizations. In Part 1 of this interview (above), GrowthTV examines the issue through a middle-market lens and features two guests—Sean Doherty, a customer engagement manager at Maersk, and Jordan Zapotechne, chief revenue officer at the Enterprise Purchasing Group (EPG). These experts discuss the various forces contributing to the shortage of shipping containers and how long the issues will persist.

In Part 2 (below), Zapotechne and Doherty turn to solutions tailored for the middle market, including a partnership between EPG and Twill, a new end-to-end offering from Maersk that empowers smaller entities to effectively compete for shipping capacity.