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Making Cybersecurity Part of Your Company’s DNA

Cybersecurity experts from RSM describe how PE leaders and portfolio CEOs perceive risk, and what "enough" cyber protection looks like.

This GrowthTV episode is part of ACG’s series for executives at private equity-backed companies, sponsored by RSM US LLP, a leading accounting, tax and advisory firm dedicated to the middle market.

The first three quarters of 2020 saw nearly 200 million ransomware attacks. This is just one indication that companies face a larger cybersecurity threat than ever before.

This episode features a conversation with two experts from RSM: Anthony Catalano, director and national cyber lead for private equity, and Oliver Snavely, director and private equity lead for risk consulting. Catalano and Snavely draw on their vast experience working with investors and their portfolio companies to describe what “enough” cybersecurity looks like.