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Bringing On-Demand Finance Talent to the Middle Market

Paro's Jon Repka discusses the power of digital-first B2B services providers in filling the middle market's finance talent needs

In the era of the “great resignation,” middle-market businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place—they have more sophisticated needs than small businesses, but don’t have the seemingly limitless resources of large organizations. This is especially true when it comes to filling finance roles.

Jon Repka with Paro says this is why the middle market can no longer rely exclusively on traditional talent acquisition strategies. Instead, business operators will have to turn to technology-first B2B service providers to fill their needs. In this episode, Repka explains how those business partners can play a critical role in helping the middle market win the talent wars.

This GrowthTV episode is sponsored by Paro, a Chicago-based startup disrupting the way companies access on-demand financial expertise.

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