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The Future of Investing in Customer Service AI

Valyant AI shares insights into what investors need to know about AI's impact at the drive-through

As the ChatGPT headlines attest, artificial intelligence is an accelerating technology with plenty of fascinating use cases. One of the more surprising may be the quick-service restaurant (QSR) drive-through space, where AI-powered voice recognition technology is taking orders directly from customers.

QSRs make up an almost $300 billion sector in the $900 billion restaurant industry, giving this technology plenty of room to expand beyond the back-office use cases that have been AI’s calling card thus far.

But conversational AI has plenty of hurdles to climb before it can reliably take that order for a burger and fries. Rob Carpenter, founder and CEO of Valyant AI—which recently completed a new round of funding, bringing the company’s total capital raised to $17 million—shares insights from successfully deploying his technology at the drive-through and discusses the challenges AI must overcome to secure confidence from customers and potential investors.

This GrowthTV episode is part of our Next Target series in partnership with Grata.