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The Business Development Evolution—InterGrowth Session Sneak Peek

David Crean, Ph.D. offers a glimpse into the upcoming business development session at InterGrowth 2022.

There is an increased reliance on business development to help organizations maintain a robust deal flow. How are successful organizations managing and leveraging business development in new and exciting ways?

David H. Crean, Ph.D., Managing General Partner at Equitos Venture Partners and Managing Partner at Cardiff Advisory LLC, offers a sneak peak into what InterGrowth 2022 attendees can expect from The Business Development Evolution session. Business development is the lifeblood of any investment firm. Crean provides a glimpse into the discussion over how firms can wield business development strategy – from either a generalist or a specialist standpoint – to gain a competitive edge.

Crean will be speaking on a panel at ACG’s InterGrowth conference about the evolution of business development alongside Emily Holdman, managing director at Permanent Equity.

InterGrowth will be held in Las Vegas at the ARIA on April 25-27. Learn more and register at intergrowth.org.