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Top Misperceptions About PEOs, Featuring Donna Hare with Insperity

Insperity's Donna Hare clears up the misconceptions PE firms may hold about PEOs

Donna Hare, a senior business performance consultant with Insperity, sits down with ACG President and CEO Tom Bohn to explain the role professional employer organizations (PEOs) like Insperity play in the middle market and the top misconceptions about them.

Hare explains what PEOs do and what separates good ones from the rest.

Healthcare is one of the biggest ways PEOs provide value, but Hare discusses why private equity firms and other investors shouldn’t assume their portfolio companies are in compliance with health regulations, even if a PEO is already in place and risks.

Hare then goes through a list of common assumptions companies make around workers compensation liability.

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