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DHG & BKD Agree to Join Forces: What It Means for PE

DHG's Scott Linch and BKD's John Kmetz discuss their planned merger to create FORVIS, the newest entrant among the nation’s Top-10 professional services firms

In an unprecedented time of robust deal activity, rampant uncertainty, and rapid market changes, deal makers are seeking out partners capable of agility as well as broad coverage and deep industry expertise.

This is what BKD and DHG hope to offer the market with their recently announced merger agreement. In this GrowthTV episode, DHG Managing Partner Scott Linch and John Kmetz, partner at BKD, explain what the merger agreement means for their clientele, and what the newly-combined company, named FORVIS, has in store for the future.

This episode is brought to you by DHG. DHG is a top-20 professional services firm offering assurance, tax and advisory services to clients nationwide and internationally. DHG is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP. Learn more at https://www.dhg.com/.