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SimpleFi Solutions HR Planning and Analytics

SimpleFi highlights how it can help with HR Planning and Analytics before and after an M&A transaction.

SimpleFi Solutions HR Planning and Analytics

HR Planning and Analytics is a typical process we help improve and is often one of the priorities before and after a transaction to understand real human costs and how they are spread out across the company.

One of the challenges though is often how everything is in multiple systems, under various formats and analyzed in various spreadsheets that are then aggregated in a standard format. Any required change may take days as everyone must go back to their detailed information, adjust and feed it back to the standard template.

This report brought to you by SimpleFi and originally appeared in Middle Market Executive’s Winter 2022 issue. Read the full story in the archive.

This is where SimpleFi Solutions can help you gain efficiency while at the same time improve the accuracy of your plan and actuals reporting. Our experience has shown us that a good portion of these plans and reports contain a common baseline, based on the employee’s location, his position and contract amounts (Base salary and bonus target) against which standardized drivers can be maintained in a central location instead of repeating the same task in each spreadsheet. Typical centralized drivers would be Benefits, Taxes, and Merit %.

All that Department-heads are then required to maintain are their list of active employees along with current salary and bonus targets. The rest of their time can then be allocated to value-added analysis and decision-making. Additionally to this bottom-up approach to feed the plan and the top-down definition of plan drivers, management can go through simulations testing various assumptions with their impacts on Headcount, Benefits and Taxes. Imagine you want to relocate some positions from one call center to another in a different country; what is the actual long term cost or saving? Since taxes and benefits are maintained for each location, you are able to quickly see all the Financial facts.

These planning principles are what we have built into our HR Planning content using SAP Analytics Cloud. Along with native integration with most systems where you may be managing your HR information, it includes web-based input forms, where you can go through the process detailed above, and reports to review and analyze the results. Contact us for a demo so you can make up your mind about the great potential this solution has. Implementing our pre-packaged solution is a question of just a few weeks after which you have a working solution. This is also highly customizable, so if you want to make sure it integrates perfectly with all your existing and upcoming processes, we can work with you to define a target solution along with a detailed project plan.

Eric Blondin is Partner – VP Platform & Technology, SimpleFi Solutions, LLC.