Private Equity Creates Jobs in Districts of Key Legislators

While private equity continues to recieve negative attention in Washington, new data suggests it contributes to higher rates of sustained job growth than the broader business community nationwide.

How Can PE Fix Its Gender Imbalance?

While large PE shops have made glacial progress to achieve equal representation in executive positions, smaller firms present a steeper climb, writes PitchBook Founder and CEO John Gabbert.

Mentorship Matters

MMG asked women in the investment and financial services industries about how relationships helped them advance in their careers, and what they’re doing to pay it forward.

Argenbright Holdings’ Cultural Capital

With its savvy M&A strategy, inclusive approach to hiring and longstanding client relationships, Argenbright Holdings is on track to hit $1 billion in revenue this year.

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in the Middle Market

The latest issue of MMG looks at how businesses are rethinking hiring practices, developing mentorship programs and revisiting their marketing strategies.