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Banking’s Reckoning Presents a Dilemma—and Opportunity—to Middle-Market Private Equity

Although eyes are fixed on tech startups and venture capital, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has put the midmarket PE ecosystem in the crosshairs, too. But there is a potential upside.

Investors Brace for a Bumpy Ride

While market conditions are increasingly challenging, private equity firms and family offices will still compete for high-quality assets

PE Strikes While the Financial Services Iron Is Hot

ACG Digital Editor Carolyn Vallejo reports on recent Katten data highlighting PE's interest in financial services

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Rethinking the Investment Banker’s Role in a 2023 M&A Market

State of Investment Banking panelists drive home the need to rethink sellers’ approach to dealmaking

In It for the Long Haul: Continuation Funds on the Rise

Continuation funds are extending the runway for companies that might not be ripe for an exit, especially as market conditions get choppier

As Pet Ownership Evolves, New Pockets of Opportunity Emerge

MySimplePetLab joins GrowthTV to discuss the M&A opportunity in the pet market

PE Weekly: Dealmakers Hit the Road with Latest M&A Deals

Street paving and traffic safety M&A add to ongoing flow of industrials and manufacturing deals

Hunting in the Enchanted Forest: The Search for VC-Backed Treasures

Late-stage, high-growth companies have been awash in easy money and easy exits for many years. But the market has changed and so have the incentives.