Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Tax reform efforts progressed as the House passed a bill and the Senate moved closer to passing its own, one with some key differences from the House bill.

Shaping the Manufacturing Workforce with Apprenticeships

Modern apprenticeship programs are gaining traction as they help grow the talent pool and meet the escalating demand for job-ready candidates.

Covering Compliance for Private Equity Firms | CT Corporation

CT Corporation has given more than 1,000 private equity funds the confidence to offload some of their burgeoning compliance responsibilities to the company.

Agtech Is Growing Up, but Is It Too Green for PE?

Private equity investors are closely watching advancement in agricultural technologies such as crop genetics and livestock monitoring tools, eager for ways to jump-start sluggish top-line growth in the ag sector.

Secret Stash No Longer: LivWell Leads a Marijuana Movement

One of the largest vertically integrated marijuana distributors in Colorado is growing fast but faces tax and financing hurdles amid regulatory uncertainty.