Is Now the Time to Sell?

Favorable market conditions suggest now might be the time for middle-market owners to consider a liquidity event rather than deferring the decision to sell.

The Means to an End

Private equity firms are increasingly conducting sell-side due diligence to uncover details in two major areas that impact selling price: quality of earnings and taxes.

New Revenue Recognition Standard Could Prompt a New Story

Private equity firms may need to change their models and rewrite growth narratives for their portfolio companies in response to ASC 606.

Making Waves: Fishpeople’s Quest to Change the Seafood Industry

The Portland, Oregon-based company's offerings include seafood-based soups, meal kits and more. But Fishpeople's ambitions extend far beyond profit growth.

Consumers Craving Fresh, Healthy Ingredients Are Influencing M&A Strategies

Read about this trend and more in the September/October issue of Middle Market Growth, focused on the food and beverage industry.