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A veteran fundraiser explains which types of GPs are raising the most capital in Europe, why European LPs remain bullish on private equity, and how U.S. capital is flowing into

The head of a major private equity placement agent explains why U.S. private equity dominates as a destination for global capital.

As software has permeated every business sector, private equity firms have clamored to invest in deals that include a software opportunity, driving up valuations and shortening hold periods.

Privcap’s interview with Jordan also includes his personal history, why he favors a generalist approach and where he sees the private equity industry headed.

Industry Trends

Capital One Commercial Bank released a new study about disruption in the middle-market.

Longtime ACG Global partner PitchBook, a provider of data on transactions involving private capital, has announced an updated PitchBook Platform that offers users expanded research.

RSM’s Steve Sprenger and chief economist Joe Brusuelas discuss the varied outlook for oil producers around the world, and the big opportunity this spells for U.S. middle-market businesses.

Track deals and gain insights into S&P Global Market Intelligence’s perspectives on the equity, fixed income, M&A and private capital markets in the latest issue of Market Observations.

Public Policy

A bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act tops the policy headlines for the week of June 19.

Tax reform, debt ceiling and the border adjustment tax were among the major topics discussed in Washington this week.

The Build Coalition Outlines How the Elimination of This Tax Provision Could Threaten Critical Parts of the Economy.

ACG submitted a letter to the House to update the Ways and Means Committee on corporate tax reform.