Multiple Reasons Valuations Seem High

Middle-market deal-makers suspect purchase prices are higher than the data show, in large part because of the characteristics of the businesses they’re buying.

CFO Confidence in Policy Changes Wanes, Despite Positive Outlook, Study Finds

Middle-market companies will need to rely more on internal tactics to bump up performance in 2018, a poll of CFOs from Citizens Commercial Banking found.

New Research Brings Private Company Data into Public View

Lincoln International's new index looks at changes over time of the value of private midsize companies, a market segment lacking in research.

Mutually Beneficial Workplace Perks

Providing employee benefits, and offering resources to help employees use them effectively, is a powerful way for companies to attract and retain talent.

New Index Lends Greater Transparency to Private Companies

Created by Lincoln International, the index shows changes in the enterprise value of closely held midsize companies over time.