Public Policy Roundup

SEC Chief Seeks Expanded Reporting Requirements on PE Funds | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The SEC is exploring options to raise reporting requirements for private equity advisors, the Fed will keep its easy money policy in place, and the White House continues infrastructure talks.

Anti-SPAC Bill Surfaces in Hearing | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

A draft bill would remove protections for SPACs, the Fed warns of leveraged loan risk, and lawmakers barter over an infrastructure spending bill.

Fed Governor Allays Inflation Fears | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

A high-ranking member of the Fed quelled inflation fears, the House will hold a SPAC hearing, and the SEC's next Government-Business Forum will focus on small and emerging funds.

Fed Maintains Rate in Spite of Early Signs of Overheating | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The Fed holds interest rates despite overheating signs, Treasury Secretary Yellen withdraws comments on fiscal policy, and research supports PE-backed hospitals.

Biden Proposes Capital Gains Hike in Address | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Biden unveils capital gains tax hike, an FDIC report touts PE's role after the 2008 financial crisis, and the SEC will discuss how to improve capital access for underrepresented investors.