Middle-Market Trends

As Driver Shortage Worsens, Trucking Companies Shift Gears

A growing deficit of drivers is hurting transportation companies nationwide, but what are middle-market shippers and their investors doing to apply the brakes?

Will Autonomous Trucks Drive Away Fleet Management?

Self-driving trucks probably won’t replace humans entirely, but systems that manage vehicles and drivers could soon look different thanks to autonomous vehicle technology, writes PitchBook Founder and CEO John Gabbert.

Change Is in the Air

ACG Board of Directors Chairman Martin Okner welcomes new leadership at the organization and underscores the importance of messaging for middle-market businesses.

Are Talent Executives Ready to Lead in Private Equity?

Over half of private equity firms have at least one human capital leader. Here's a look at their role, impact on value creation, and challenges they face.

Five Value Levers for Post-Merger Savings

Insight Sourcing Group Vice President Brian Prantil recommends five value levers to capture M&A savings effectively.