Middle-Market Trends

Business Resiliency Through Scenario Planning

Today's uncertainties call for scenario planning, which provides insight to ensure business strategy, structure and capabilities remain resilient.

Financing Portfolio Companies Through Coronavirus and Preparing Employees for What Comes Next—Day 3 of the ACG Member Summit

On the final day of ACG’s Member Summit, panels focused on how investors can support their portfolio companies through coronavirus, and how to prepare for a return to the office.

Remote Work Tests Private Equity’s Cyber Health

Cyberthreats increased by 71% while employees were sheltering in place. Here's how one firm is helping its private equity clients protect themselves.

Gauging the Election Landscape and Helping Portfolio Companies Through Uncertain Times—Day 2 of the ACG Member Summit

Sessions on Day 2 of the Member Summit explained the factors playing into the 2020 presidential elections, and the strategies private equity firms are using to help their portfolio companies.

Assessing the Market and Eyeing New Opportunities—Day 1 of the ACG Member Summit

Sessions on Day 1 of the Member Summit explored middle-market business sentiment, strategies during the pandemic and emerging opportunities in esports.