The State of Direct Lending in the Middle Market

On the podcast, Twin Brook’s Garrett Ryan discuss how deal activity has evolved since last March and the current state of middle market M&A.

The Beauty of Being a BDC

On the podcast, the CIO of Main Street Capital talks about investing in the lower middle market as a business development company.

A Qualified Opinion: John McCormick

John McCormick, a partner of advisory firm Monument Group corresponded with MMG about the fundraising landscape for health care-focused private equity funds.

Sun Capital’s Patient-Centered Approach to Health Care Investing

On the podcast, two investors discuss what Sun Capital looks for in health care deals and how technology can improve the patient experience.

Seeking Diversity? Think Outside the Box

On the podcast, Cornelia Cheng and Rich Grant discuss the importance of DEI and how middle-market firms can become more diverse and inclusive.