Middle-Market Trends

Is Now the Time to Sell?

Favorable market conditions suggest now might be the time for middle-market owners to consider a liquidity event rather than deferring the decision to sell.

No More Deal or No Deal

A hungry private equity market has created more liquidity alternatives for company owners.

Why Consolidation Is Gripping the Grocery Industry

The grocery industry has experienced distress and consolidation, and that's expected to continue. Here's a look at the drivers behind those trends.

M&A Trends Suggest Opportunities Despite Potential Economic Slowdown

IT, health care and real estate are three sectors that are likely to weather a future economic recession better than the broader economy.

What’s Behind the Sleepless Nights of Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs?

Here are several topics that should be on the minds of owners in the food and beverage industry, particularly if they plan to sell their businesses.