Franchises Make Good PE Investments

Private equity firms with dry powder to invest should consider franchise businesses, which are often low-risk investments and require minimal capital expenditure.

The Danger to Valuation of Eliminating Corporate Interest Deductibility

Corporate interest deductibility is getting more attention as the 2016 presidential candidates discuss tax reform, but the negative economic implications of eliminating it deserve consideration.

Spin Cycle: The Rise of Technology Sector Spinoffs

Technology spinoffs have become more frequent in the last few years, but it’s important to treat each one individually to achieve success.

PE Firms Must Face Cyberthreat

Private equity firms are not immune to cyberthreats, and many could be doing more to protect themselves.

The Secret to Managing Merging Workforces

How a firm interacts with its employees and manages the change process can be a key element of success during a merger.