With No Investor Input, Lawmakers Target PE’s Role in Health Care | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Lawmakers call for more transparency from private equity-backed health care companies, agencies issue warning to real estate investors, and Biden proposes infrastructure spending bill.

House to Discuss PE’s Role in U.S. Health Care | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The House is set to discuss the role of private equity in health care, senators introduce tax hike on CEO pay, and more.

Lawmakers Converging on Stronger Antitrust Regulation | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Lawmakers continue to converge on tighter antitrust regulation, Congress proposes new anti-money laundering requirements on investors, and more.

Biden’s Anti-monopoly FTC Pick Could be a Blessing for Buyers | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Biden expects to name antitrust scholar to the FTC, which could provide opportunities for investors, a third COVID-19 relief bill heads to final approval, and the Fed continues PPP support.

Gensler Open to Using ‘All’ SEC Authorities to Increase PE Transparency | Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Biden's SEC pick says he's committed to increasing PE transparency, the SEC prepares for a meeting on SPACs, and the next stimulus package heads to the Senate.