Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Leveraged lending continues to take center stage as lawmakers and regulators discussed easing Volker Rule restrictions. Meanwhile, architects of the original opportunity zone legislation consider an amendment to increase transparency.

SEC Issues Risk Alert on Privacy Compliance

The SEC's compliance wing released a risk alert related to Regulation S-P, the rule protecting consumer information and privacy for investment advisers.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

Registration remains open for ACG’s Middle Market Fly-In, the Federal Reserve released its second Financial Stability Report, Congress conducts bank oversight hearing and more.

Leveraged Lending Continues to Raise Concerns in D.C.

As leveraged loans continue to rise, Congress, regulators and news outlets question the risk they could pose during an economic downtown.

After Latest OZ Guidance Drop, Some Questions Remain

After the IRS issued its second round of opportunity zone guidance, the federal government is seeking input to successfully implement the program.