Middle-Market Trends

PE Firms Optimistic about Growth

Firms are increasingly optimistic about their own circumstances and the growth of their portfolios, but remain cautiously optimistic about economic conditions.

Anatomy of a Deal: Can the Stress of Integration Be Avoided?

In any M&A deal, there is consolidation of companies and most importantly, people. What are the major issues to remember during integration?

Tax Reform Could Limit Deductibility of Interest and Debt

Efforts to achieve comprehensive tax reform are under way. While a proposal for comprehensive reform isn’t finalized, legislation is going forward on several ideas.

Do PE Firms Starve Companies of Innovation? Myth or Reality?

Studies in the European Union and the United States provide compelling evidence that innovation not only survives, but seems to focus and flourish under PE ownership.

Dividend Retweets Part II

Globalization is rapidly becoming imperative for U.S. businesses. International joint ventures are among the most common mechanisms used to overcome the lack-of-knowledge handicap.