Middle-Market Trends

How Middle-Market Companies Can Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

Middle-market companies could once depend on their smaller size or lack of connectivity to avoid cyberattacks, but an increasing reliance on technology is making them a target for hackers.

Complex Structures Create Valuation Challenges

As private equity investment has grown in recent years, new and sophisticated ownership structures present unique risks.

Economic Growth is Running Out of Steam, RSM Data Shows

Despite some positive indicators, mounting geopolitical risks could drag the U.S. economy to near-recessionary levels in coming months, writes RSM US Chief Economist Joseph Brusuelas.

Change Is in the Air

In his inaugural letter for MMG, ACG Board of Directors Chairman Martin Okner shares his view on financial technology in the middle market and what's in store for ACG members.

Insurance for the Digital Age

There are many reasons investors would want to avoid insurance, but a wave of technological innovations is causing some to reconsider, writes PitchBook Founder and CEO John Gabbert.