Middle-Market Trends

Planning for New Lease Accounting Standards

Set to take effect in 2020, the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s new lease standard introduces additional complexity for private companies.

Creating a More Inclusive Middle Market

ACG Board of Directors Chairman Angela MacPhee acknowledges ACG's role in growing diversity in the finance industry.

How Can PE Fix Its Gender Imbalance?

While large PE shops have made glacial progress to achieve equal representation in executive positions, smaller firms present a steeper climb, writes PitchBook Founder and CEO John Gabbert.

New Shoe Line Makes Strides for Inclusivity

After spotting a gap in the market, Rebecca Allen quit her job to launch a company offering skin-toned shoes for women of color.

It’s the Small Things: Niche Opportunities in Health Care

These six trends in specialized health care delivery are just what the doctor ordered.