Middle-Market Trends

Expanding into Asia: Lessons from Biotech

There's a strong appetite for biotechnology in Asia, but what should companies know before establishing a presence—and what should be avoided?

Allocating Co-Investment Rights

Co-investments are becoming increasingly important to private equity investment. But as demand rises, negotiators are left wondering: What's the best way to blend the demands of both investors and managers?

A-Rod Covers His Bases with Move from Baseball to Business

While Alex Rodriguez was accomplishing legendary feats at the plate, he was building a business empire off the field. MMG Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Mulligan spoke with A-Rod about his investment strategy.

Keys to a Smooth Medical Roll-up

Understanding acquisition and post-acquisition obstacles can help alleviate risks and improve the chances for a successful transaction.

Building a Deal-Proof Business

For a company to survive a deal, it needs to have the right talent, culture and human capital strategy.