Middle-Market Trends

Moderna, Blackstone Find Opportunity in Crisis

The different ways technology is contributing to growth was a major theme from keynote speakers at a virtual event organized by ACG and SAP North America.

How SAP Helped Moderna Deliver in a Pandemic

During a virtual event, professionals across the M&A community discussed how SAP's technology helped contribute to growth.

How Gifting Carried Interest Can Save on Future Estate Taxes

Successful deals drive carried interest and can build tremendous wealth for private equity professionals, but it can also result in significant future taxes if investors aren't careful.

It’s the Small Things: Trends in Health Care

From increased regulation on pharmaceuticals to diseases diagnosed by AI, check out these and other trends shaping the health care industry.

Young Professional Award Winners

As part of the first MMG Awards, we've selected 10 emerging leaders and highlighted their contributions to the middle-market community and beyond.