Middle-Market Trends

It’s Time to Act on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The case for diversity is more than a moral position—it's become a source of competitive advantage for businesses and investors.

How PEO Can Transform a Merger

Donna JW Hare, senior business consultant for Insperity, discusses the steps that deal-makers ignore at their own risk: human resources and reassuring employees.

Patents as an Alternative Asset Class: A Financial Sponsor Perspective

Financial sponsors seeking investment diversification strategies can maximize returns by investing in high-quality patent portfolios.

How to Avoid Currency Risk When Investing Abroad

Sean Coakley of Cambridge Global Payments describes how to address foreign exchange risk during cross-border deals.

How Middle-Market Companies Can Prepare for Natural Disasters on the Heels of COVID-19

As mid-sized businesses transition to the new normal, they must continue to be vigilant and prepare for natural disasters.