Middle-Market Trends

Digital Transformation Gives Manufacturers Curb Appeal

Finding the right manufacturer to invest in requires you to check off the right boxes: Great product, steady customer base, strong margins, solid cash flow, and high IRRs.

How Manufacturing Has Adapted to the Pandemic

During a virtual panel session hosted by ACG Chicago in September, industry experts looked back at how manufacturers have adapted to COVID-19 and discussed its long-term impact.

Pave the Way for Success in a Post-Merger Transition

While private equity deals can be an exhaustive process, the post-merger integration phase is just as important. Be sure to understand how to navigate this phase for long-term success.

Tech and Talent Investment Drive Middle-Market Business

Since the pandemic hit, middle-market companies are busy upgrading their technology and hiring the tech-savvy workforce to leverage it.

It’s the Small Things: Trends in Manufacturing

Read about automation-as-a-service, manufacturers shifting to services to boost revenues, and more bite-sized insights.