Middle-Market Trends

Five Value Levers for Post-Merger Savings

Insight Sourcing Group Vice President Brian Prantil recommends five value levers to capture M&A savings effectively.

It’s the Small Things: The Tech Revolution

From digital banking to real estate, here are six trends in financial technology.

As Recession Looms, U.S. Homebuilders Show Strength

While geopolitical risks take their toll on economic growth, homebuilding remains a bright spot.

EuroGrowth Yields Global Insight, Cross-Border Connections

Attendees at ACG's EuroGrowth conference learned that an economic slowdown in the United States and China is more likely to occur than a recession, and more.

Treating Pain Points in Health Care

An increasing number of organizations are adopting software for revenue cycle management to address problems in coding bills, processing claims and auditing reimbursement.