Middle Market Now Firing on All Cylinders—National Center

The National Center for the Middle Market's Tom Stewart discusses the findings reported in the 4Q 2014 Middle Market Indicator.

A Qualified Opinion with Nick Dilks of Ecosystem Investment Partners

Nick Dilks, managing partner with Ecosystem Investment Partners, explains how his private equity firm uses land-based environmental credits to tackle habitat restoration.

B-Side Interview: Rob Cotter of Organic Transit

Cotter is drawing on his experience with race cars and human-powered transport to scale up production of Organic Transit’s solar- and pedal-powered vehicles.

A Qualified Opinion with Karen Moon of Trendalytics

Karen Moon, co-founder and CEO of New York-based research firm Trendalytics, gives the skinny on how retailers can leverage social media channels for merchandising.

B-Side Interview: Heather Bridgers of Just for KiiX

A Raleigh-based inventor, entrepreneur, attorney and mother, Bridgers is the founder and CEO of Just for KiiX, a maker of virtually invisible protectors for women’s high heels sold at numerous retailers including Nordstrom.