‘InterGrowth Is the Place to Be,’ Says PE Executive

Braun Jones, managing director of Stonehaven Capital and chairman of InterGrowth 2015, talks about the benefits for attendees at InterGrowth and shares tips for those unfamiliar with the event.

Dollison Sees Niche Opportunity Amid Depressed Oil Sector

Crutchfield Capital's J.B. Dollison shares his perspective on the oil and gas sector and the impact of the recent price decline on middle-market investment.

Middle Market Now Firing on All Cylinders—National Center

The National Center for the Middle Market's Tom Stewart discusses the findings reported in the 4Q 2014 Middle Market Indicator.

A Qualified Opinion with Nick Dilks of Ecosystem Investment Partners

Nick Dilks, managing partner with Ecosystem Investment Partners, explains how his private equity firm uses land-based environmental credits to tackle habitat restoration.

B-Side Interview: Rob Cotter of Organic Transit

Cotter is drawing on his experience with race cars and human-powered transport to scale up production of Organic Transit’s solar- and pedal-powered vehicles.