Executive Suite

Executive Suite—John Marshall

The founder and CEO of JM Search details the recruitment advantage of PE firms and how to involve key stakeholders in the executive search process.

Executive Suite—Richard A. Martin Jr.

Martin, a senior director of Merrill Corporation, talks about travel M&A and looks at how Merrill DataSite can help with travel-related deals and international mergers.

Executive Suite—Tom McGee

The national founding partner of Deloitte discusses the pace of deal flow, the economic environment for M&A and how executives can maximize the value of their transactions.

Executive Suite—Andrew H. Moser

The co-founder of Salus Capital talks about his firm's lending strategy, along with the merits of asset-based lending and how demographic shifts are impacting retailers.

Executive Suite

Dexter Manning shares his insight on M&A and innovation in the food and beverage industry.