A Qualified Opinion

A Qualified Opinion with John G. Martin of GE Antares Capital

John G. Martin, president and CEO of GE Antares Capital, discusses the firm he co-founded and his perspective on the wider market.

A Qualified Opinion with Jeff DeGrange of Stratasys

Jeff DeGrange, vice president of direct digital manufacturing for Stratasys, Inc., shares his thoughts on the impact of 3-D printing on the middle market and other emerging industries.

A Qualified Opinion with John Gabbert of PitchBook

John Gabbert, CEO and founder of Pitchbook, talks about his firm's new app and how it can help users connect to the right people in the middle market.

A Qualified Opinion with Pam Hendrickson of The Riverside Company

Pam Hendrickson, COO of The Riverside Company, is a 28-year veteran of finance. She shares her insight on the importance of the middle market, public policy efforts, ACG membership and the next generation of business leaders.

A Qualified Opinion with Ashley Rountree of C.W. Downer & Co.

Based in Paris, Ashley Rountree, managing director, C.W. Downer & Co., shares his decades of experience on cross-border opportunities, trends and challenges.